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My Favorite Happy Gut Recipes This Week! January 23-29

Cooking and baking are a huge and very important part of my life. Not only do I love doing it because at me core I’m a maker, but because there are a lot of foods I can’t eat. If I want a donut I can’t just head over to the local Dunkin Donuts, I have to find a recipe that either accommodates my intolerances or can be modified and it myself. But, to be honest, I’m actually okay with that! Having to cut so many foods out of my diet has made me reevaluate what I eat and I feel way better for it. Now, I miss fried chicken and the occasional already-made donut (especially the pink kind with the sprinkles!!)? Abso-fucking-lutely! But my gut and arteries sure don’t.

With all that said, I’ve spent hours upon hours upon hours on Pinterest and with my nose in cookbooks reading recipes, trying them out, and often times doctoring them to fit my health needs and/or personal tastes.

Not all Pinterest recipes are made equal, trust me!

So I thought it might be helpful to start this weekly post series where I share my favorite recipes from the week, what I did differently, and any useful tips.

This Weeks Happy Gut Recipes:

1. Almond Oat Crumble Blackberry Pie

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Plant-Based | Dairy Free | Refined-Sugar Free

Breakfast, Desert

I liked this so much I actually made it twice this week and have been eating if for both breakfast and desert. This recipe is super simple and something you can feel good about eating. The combination of oats, almond flour, coconut oil, and fruit gives you the a healthy blend of whole grains, plant-based protein, healthy fats, and a serving a fruit to start your day on a good foot and/or a “guilt-free” desert to end it.


  • The author uses blackberries in this recipe, but I really liked it with a blueberry and blackberry mix. Don’t be afraid to try other fruits though like stone fruit, apples, or other types of berries. Frozen fruit works well here too.

  • Try not to overcook your fruit! You don’t want to totally break down all the nutrients in them or end up with mush for that matter.

  • The author doesn’t include any spices, but I’m a huge fan of adding cinnamon to baked goods like crumbles or cooked fruit. It is so tasty, but cinnamon also has a shit ton of health benefits so don’t hold back! You can also include ground ginger, cloves, and nutmeg depending on what you have in your pantry and your personal preference.

  • In place of the cornstarch, I used chia seeds. I ALWAYS have a jar of these on hand and are a great way to thicken your cooked fruit while adding a little extra fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.

  • I added a little extra almond flour and oats to the crumble mixture as it seemed a little wet.

  • I have a pretty serious sweet tooth so I like to drizzle a little extra (real) maple syrup over top of my bowl of crumble.

2. Seedy Quinoa Chocolate Bark

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Plant-Based | Dairy Free

Snack, Desert

I’m a big snacker so I like to have things around (usually with a little sweet) that I can munch on between meals. And lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more nuts and seeds into my diet for the protein and serious health benefits. These have been really yummy, and have been helping me to get that added plant-based protein.


  • If you’re vegan or dairy free make sure to check your chocolate for any hidden milk products

  • I recommend using a food processor to chop your nuts and seeds in place of a knife if you have one…it’s less mess

  • The author uses uncooked quinoa in this recipe, but if you have the time, I really liked puffing the quinoa first ( It can be a little bit of a hastle, but I prefer the texture and it adds a nice, nutty flavor to it. You can also order puffed quinoa online if you don’t feel like making it or don’t have the spare time, which is totally reasonable!

  • I skipped the dried rose petal topping. They can be pretty expensive and I prefer to save them for other things like herbal teas.

  • Have fun with it! Replace or add in anything you like! Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it.

  • Hemps hearts are a great addition to this recipe

Fun fact: did you know your stomach can’t digest flax seed shells? So while they’re great in things like smoothies or recipes where they are ground into meal, eating them whole doesn’t offer quite the same health benefits. Chia seeds on the other hand do have a digestible shell so you don’t have to worry about grounding them up first.

3. The Original Bedtime Lavender Chamomile Vanilla Milk

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Plant-Based | Dairy Free | Refined-Sugar Free


I’ve been really enjoying this in the evenings while I’m hanging out in bed with my dog, Blueberry, trying to wind down. It especially great if you’re someone like me who gets the late-night munchies as the non-dairy milk helps to curb that.


  • If you don’t have lavender flowers, food safe lavender extract is a great alternative. Just make sure not to add too much—it can turn your drink bitter quickly.

  • I skip the food coloring. I’m not big on additives like this, especially since it does nothing to change the flavor.

  • I’ve been steeping my lavender and chamomile flowers in about a half cup of boiling water and then adding the warmed, almond milk, honey, and vanilla extract to that. It pulls more flavor out of the flowers than steeping them in just warm almond milk.

Almonds require a lot of water to grow and are not great for the environment, so something like oat milk is a nice alternative and one I personally plan on switching to.

4. Delicata Squash Tacos With Black Beans

Gluten Free | Vegan | Plant-Based | Dairy Free | Refined-Sugar Free

Lunch, Dinner

I meal prepped these for lunch this week and they’ve been great!! And, because they were so quick and easy to make, they would also be a great weeknight dinner option, especially if you prefer a plant-based, vegetarian, or vegan diet. These are definitely going to be saved and made again later.

One thing I really like about the Delicata Squash is that it doesn’t have to be pealed! The skins are edible. I love me some butternut squash, but I really hate pealing them…they get so slippery and I’m always worried I’m going to catch a finger with the peeler. That’s not a problem with these guys.


  • I changed up the spices in this quite a bit. For the squash I used a little garlic powder, mild chili powder, and cumin in place of the adobo seasoning. I also skipped the lemon in the black beans and added little more garlic powder, chili powder, and smoked paprika (which I am IN LOVE with). I also topped the tacos with a little extra paprika after putting them together.

  • I’m personally not a fan of goat cheese and red onions give me heartburn so instead I topped these tacos with extra, fresh cilantro and a small dollop of sour cream.

  • I LOVE canned, mild, chopped green chilies. They are a must for me when it comes to tacos or any Mexican inspired recipe. In this case I added a can to the black beans while they were cooking. 10/10.

Corn tortillas are awesome for gluten free recipes and have such great flavor, but they tear and break so easily! BUT, warming them up on a pan (you don’t even need any oil for this) and crisping them a little actually keeps them falling apart. I’m pretty sure it’s magic…

5. Happy Gut Drink Bombs

Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Plant-Based | Dairy Free | Refined-Sugar Free


This recipe doesn’t have a link as it was one I got from a Pinterest video pin. Essentially all you do is peal a big piece of fresh ginger and send it through a blender with the juice of 2 fresh squeezed lemons. You then just strain out the ginger fiber, pour the juice into ice cube molds and freeze them! Voila! Pour hot water into a mug along with one of your cubes and a little honey and you have a gut healthy drink that even your tastebuds will like. I’ve been drinking them daily!

Make sure to follow me on Pinterest to find all the gut happy recipes I love or want to try out! Also connect with me on Instagram to see how these recipes come out in real time :)

PLEASE NOTE: All of the images on this pages are from the respective recipe pages. The Chamomile Queen did not create any of these photos.



After years of trying to band aid my mental and physical health problems with traditional methods and medications, I’ve decided to take a new approach. This blog, The Chamomile Queen, is my way of sharing my experiences as I explore more natural and wholistic ways of healing my body, mind, and spirit. 

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